• ‘The sun will rise another day’ & ‘And that night’ in Mineral Lit, July 2020 – poetry [web]
    • ‘The Boatman’ in MoonPark Review, Spring 2020 – flash fiction [web]
    • ‘The Woman in Yellow’ in Ellipses Zine, Spring 2020 – flash fiction [web]
    • ‘Small World’ in The Sea Letter, issue 8, Fall 2019 – short fiction [print] [web]
    • ‘The Circle of Silence’ in emerge ’19 anthology, Fall 2019 – excerpt from a novel [print]

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Purnima Bala works as a professional editor at PaperTrue and reads and edits for Periwinkle Magazine. She is also a former TA with The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University. With four years of experience in editorial work, marketing, and content creation for various brands (education, e-commerce, real estate, events, automobiles, entertainment, health & lifestyle, and FMCG), Purnima’s skills are diverse and interrelated. She is well-versed with blurb writing, manuscript editing, creative feedback and mentoring, typesetting, copy and content writing, research, marketing campaign ideation and execution, social media management, ad promotions, brand management strategy, and client servicing.

As a freelancer, she is open to requests for website content, blogs, SEO articles, copy, social media campaigns, internal communications, editing projects, and more. Depending on the client’s requirements, she make graphics and helps build websites as well.

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